Healthcare Providers

You face patients whose health has been shaped by numerous factors that seem out of your control. A lack of access to primary care, inconsistent health insurance coverage, unstable housing, poorly managed chronic conditions, mental health and substance use conditions. Undergirding all of these conditions are the long lasting impacts of childhood and current life traumas, which threaten hope and leave underappreciated the reality of resilience.

Each provider also faces their own unique financial challenges:


As organizations committed to and obliged to advance health irrespective of ability to pay, uninsured patients, or low reimbursements for Medicaid have meant uncompensated care. The move to value based care has tied reimbursement to quality of care, raising the stakes for care coordination and investments in prevention.


We will provide a forward looking strategy and technology that improves outcomes, keeps patients healthy, improving reimbursement under value based care and reducing uncompensated care.

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Committed to providing comprehensive primary care and preventative services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay, you are deeply connected to the communities you serve. Nevertheless high volumes of Medicaid and Medicare patients make your budget sensitive to State cuts in Medicaid reimbursement or federal pandemic unwinding, or Medicare changes.


Accelerate partnerships, care coordination, and enable participation in value based care contracts by connecting your partners with the data they need and streamlining paperwork.

Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) & Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)

As providers of life sustaining services to the elderly and disabled in their home or a facility, you have an in depth look at the health related social needs shaping the health outcomes of your patients, as well the multifaceted, cross-sector care coordination challenges required to address patient needs.


Our tools enable you to expand Medicaid Long Term Services and Supports enrollment, and deliver better care with a 360 degree view of your patient's clinical and social needs.

Primary Care Clinicians

As the backbone of our healthcare system, primary care clinicians play central roles in prevention, screening, management of chronic disease and advancing the overall health and well being of patients. You face an increasing number of patients with chronic conditions, as well as challenges to care coordination as your patients need to see specialists and the impact of child, or adult trauma, and health related social needs/social determinants (drivers) of health impact patient health.


Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and Alternative Payment Models (APMs) reward clinicians that meet quality health outcomes. With our Care Management and Case Management software, you can deliver better care quality at lower costs, while driving revenue through better reimbursement.